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Just a Thought

August 4, 2006

ஆங்கிலத்தில் படித்த சிந்தனை ஒன்றினை மொழியாக்கம் செய்தேன்.

வெற்றி என்பது தோல்வியில் பயணித்தாலும்

உற்சாகம் இழக்காமல் இருப்பது.


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  1. August 24, 2006 4:27 am

    Dear Friend,

    Vetriyai parri sonneergal. Sari. Naan, keezhe, vetri adaiya,
    enna enna kadai pidikka vendum endru surukkamaga
    solgiradhu, keezh kanda vachagangal:

    Setting Goals To Success

    Quite often, we find that we missed a particular target
    by only a small margin, because we had not set any goal. Not
    setting a well-defined goal is one of the main reasons for most
    failures. On the contrary, whenever we set a goal, we tend to
    achieve it. Setting a goal and then achieving it successfully requires
    a proper tuning of our mind by constant practice and deep con-
    centration. We have heard people saying things like ‘yesterday
    night I asked my pillow to wake me up at fixed time in the following
    morning and to our surprise we were awoken right on time.’ It is nothing
    but setting a goal and turning our mind to deep concentration to
    achieve it. There are numerous such examples. Many times we
    notice that we are stuck with a job since many months. But then
    one day all of a sudden either by direction of supernatural powers
    within us or by the demand of the job, we are forced to complete
    it by a set date and time. At that time by making some extra
    efforts, we are able to accomplish that job within the desired time-
    frame. It became possible simply by setting the goal. When we
    set the goal, our all efforts are concentrated in that one direction,
    which provides us the required amount of strength and energy for
    its accomplishment. Many people set the goal of becoming some
    great leader, administrative officer, engineer or doctor, and later
    or sooner, they are able to fulfil their dreams as they wished. Such
    people don’t feel let down by frequent failures en route. In fact
    they derive more strength from failures and make fresh efforts
    with more vigour and zeal. They always keep their eyes firmly on
    their goal like the great ‘Arjuna’ who kept his eye on the revolving
    fish in the ‘Draupadi’s’ Swayamvar depicted in our great epic Maha-
    bharata. If we learn to set goals, then, nature definitely shows us the right
    path and provides the necessary strength to achieve it. GOD helps
    those who helps themselves!

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